Corporate Philosophy

Our company was established in 1954. Since then we have successfully carried out a wide spectrum of sophisticated design services to highest standards.

Our goal is the development, design and calculation of optimal structures through early and comprehensive input in coordination with everyone involved in the construction project. Architecture, economic efficiency, functionality and innovation are essential criteria for our design. The loyalty of well-known clients, architects and engineers over many years as well as the awards for our engineering works confirm our performance.

We undertake all design activities and almost every specialised service for the construction design. We can design not only new developments, conversions and renovations but also provide specialist reports and feasibility studies. We can design everything from a wall recess to the structural engineering for a major construction project.

Our Structural Engineering has recently been complimented by the additional service of Checking Engineer for concrete and masonry structures. We seek to cultivate a collegial approach in our dealings with the design team and we attach great importance to qualitative construction supervision.

We continuously strive to improve our operating efficiency and enlarge our knowledge in order to maintain our competitive advantage and to meet new challenges.


Among our employees are all-rounders as well as specialists, both with many years professional experience. We pride ourselves on being able to quickly produce integrated solutions to complex problems. Our engineers are involved with a vast network of associations, expert-committees and universities and have contacts to industry.

In order to improve our abilities we hold regular seminars, and workshops in which experience gained on recent projects is passed on and latest developments are discussed. In this way our engineers and technicians are continuously up to date.

Our specialist qualifications include the following:
Certified as specialist engineer for the repair and renovation of concrete structures
SIVV certificate (concrete protection, repair and strengthening) from the DBV (German Concrete Society).
Structural engineer for the preservation of historical monuments
Technically qualified for structural surveys in concrete, steel and timber construction.
Certificated as specialist for façade engineering, from the University of Augsburg.
Authorized fire engineer.


Our company is lead by four partners who are civil engineers. We made it a general rule for our business that every project is controlled and supervised by a partner. At all times the partner works closely with the project management. This results in optimal structures from both an architectural and economical point of view.

Due to shorter planning horizons and specific project requirements the assignment of an appropriate team is of prime importance. During work-load peaks we can supplement this team with additional qualified employees at short notice. Since all important functions are double-filled and all operations are permanently supervised we have never exceeded deadlines.

All our projects are supported by contemporary technology. Our IT systems accelerate innovation and impart our designs and calculations with extra flexibility. Our infrastructure also ensures an intelligent and up-to-date information exchange.

The application of a certified Quality Management System underlines our high working standard and contributes to the continuous improvement of our services.


Using our professional advice a client can be in a position to benefit from several advantages. With our input, an architect’s concept can be turned into an optimal construction.
With an efficient load bearing system the utilization of a building can generally be enhanced. And innovative structures often have a positive impact on the aesthetics.

Of utmost importance to a client are the economical advantages during construction and in the end use, resulting from our professional advice. By a process of optimisation we can reduce the structure to the basic essentials, thereby saving weight and minimising the foundations as well as the floors and columns. The application of cost-effective building materials in the design, results in additional economies in the construction costs. These measures also benefit the construction logistics and programme. Furthermore, by considering flexibility, building services and maintenance we can reduce the future running costs.

Our design input significantly improves the economic efficiency of a construction project whilst upholding the architectural concept.

History of Sailer Stepan and Partners

Our office was originally founded as a partnership in 1954 by Karl Sailer in Hohenzollernstrasse in the attractive district of Schwabing in Munich.

In 1956 Kurt Stepan started working for the partnership as a freelancer and in 1964 was followed by Fritz Sailer. In 1966 both became partners and the partnership was renamed Sailer + Stepan. From 1967 Karl Sailer slowly withdrew from the day-to-day business and in 1978 retired completely from the partnership.

The office moved to Ingolstädterstrasse in the north of Munich in 1992 and has remained there ever since. The transformation into the limited liability company Sailer Stepan und Partner GmbH occurred in 1995. Ten years later four employees were promoted to associates: Dr. (eng) Rudolf Findeiss, Stefan Schmidt, Hjalmar Schoch and Thomas Winkler. These four engineers then became managing partners of Sailer Stepan GmbH in 2013.

At the end of 2016 Kurt Stepan and Fritz Sailer withdrew from the company. With their wealth of experience they now have an advisory capacity to the current partners.

Company Information

Office Established

Legal Form
GmbH (limited liability company) in Munich HRB 109474

Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Findeiß
Dr.-Ing. Peter Mestek
Dipl.-Ing. Guido Schmidt
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan M. Schmidt
Dipl.-Ing. Tobias Schneider MBA and Eng.
Dipl.-Ing. Hjalmar Schoch

Services and Areas of Expertise
Our main area of work is the design and calculation of engineering structures. In addition we can provide specialist reports and feasibility studies, structural logbooks, and structural surveys and investigations. With our many years of experience we are well qualified in the follow areas of expertise:

Modifications and alterations to existing structures (incl. historic buildings)
Repair of concrete structures
Basement excavations
Independent checking and approvals engineering
of concrete and masonry structures
Fire engineering
Pre-cast concrete construction
Glass construction
Timber construction
Lightweight construction
Brickwork, concrete and reinforced concrete construction
Ground engineering
Pre-stressed concrete
Steel construction
Composite construction

Reference Projects
A selection of various reference objects is listed in Projects. Since the establishment of our business, more than 3000 of our projects have been successfully constructed.

Liability Insurance
€ 5,5 m personal injury
€ 5,5 m damage to property

Number and Experience of Employees
At present we have 46 employees, of which:
31 engineers (including partners)
10 draftsmen

Technical Equipment
All servers and workstations running with Microsoft Windows operating systems. A complete backup of all company data is carried out daily.

Quality Management System
We have introduced a quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001. Since 04.08.2000 we are certified by the „ZQ MPA Bau Zertifizierungsstelle im Materialprüfungsamt für Bauwesen der TU München“. The current re-certification audit according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-11 took place in July 2018, was carried out by BQ-Zert GbR Ostfildern and is valid until August 2021.

Experience Exchange
Our engineers regularly take part in office meetings and training sessions in order to exchange knowledge and experience as well as to further professional development.

Our company owns a library with up-to-date literature on architecture, structural engineering, building materials, terms and regulations.

Project Execution
A managing partner directs the project until the end of the scheme design working closely with the project manager.
With the beginning of the structural calculations the project manager will be responsible for the full project. The managing partner controls and supervises the project execution. All employees have normally more than 5 years of professional experience. Our project managers have between 8 and 35 years of professional experience.

Membership of Professional Associations
Bayerische Ingenieurekammer-Bau
Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architektenverein (SIA)
Verband Beratender Ingenieure (VBI)
Münchner Architekten- und Ingenieurverein (MAIV)
Förderverein Architekturmuseum der Technischen Universität München
Förderverein Massivbau der Technischen Universität München
Industrie- und Handelskammer München
Vereinigung der Prüfingenieure für Baustatik in Bayern e.V.  (VPI)
Vereinigung der Prüfsachverständigen in Bayern e.V.  (VPSB)